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Bakery- Figment POS

We understand how busy bakeries can be in the  morning, the smell of fresh bread and coffee is all we need! Explore Bakery- Figment POS,  provides you with the fastest transaction times and a check out flow designed for speed and avoid the morning rush!

Bakery- Figment POS

Sales & Inventory Reports

Bakery- Figment POS gives you in depth insights about your business at any time and place. Track sales by product, category, staff member and much more.

Bakery- Figment POS Tabs and Table Service

Customers running a tab - no problem, park the customer’s bill to their name or use You can easily split bills too!

Integrated Payments

Burn through the line with Bakery- Figment POS Integrated payment options that also give you the flexibility to choose a terminal that’s right for you.

Bakery- Figment POS Barista Printers

Print coffee orders straight to a barista printer or food tickets direct to your chefs. Easily manage your printer destinations so you can burn through the line.

Loyalty & Rewards

Get to know your customers. Track their purchases, send promotions and keep them coming back for more with built in Bakery-Figment POS Loyalty.

Bakery- Figment POS Inventory tracking

Control all your bakery stock. See what is getting low and needs to be re-ordered. Make sure you don’t run out of your best-sellers items and ingredients!

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